Lately I haven’t been here due to the fact that aside from being a mom, homemaker and a wife..I started working again.Yes, I am working..after 11 years of being a stay home mom.I suddenly wanted to come back and work The job came and I grabbed it.Can you believe it? I am 42 and suddenly I found myself working.I face the computer all day and I count,handle money all day.I answer phone calls.I answer inquiries and all…I am being paid to accept remittances and do customer service tasks.I actually could not tell if I wanted this job but given the time and changes in my point of view as a woman and a homemaker..there is no way I would turn my back to any job offer that will come my way…turning 40 has made me so anxious to do some changes.Its hard to explain but its happening to me.As you know,life for a woman when you become forty and living in Asian countries such as Singapore and Philippines,the opportunity is very limited.No matter how good you are,though you are capable and eligible..the issue of age will always determine your opportunity.So,I am working and I am learning the ropes.I am very thankful to all my co-workers.They are not only helpful but they are also like me…with children, with families and yes,I am not the oldest..I am second to the oldest.. ha ha ha! and I love the fact that they all love to eat.They simply enjoy the homemade goodies I brought with me.
These are two of my most recent cravings.They are actually very familiar to everyone and Im sure most of you has personal recipes no matter how simple a cake or bread may be.I am drawn to these two bread/cake recipes for some reasons.I don’t know but when I do cook something,there should be a story…there should be a reason and that’s why food has a glorious,triumphant effect in my life.Every food that is set on your dinner table is a work of art, its life and its a celebration…no matter how simple or lavish a dish may be.Growing up,I know of hunger and I know the feeling when you want something and you cant have them.Its not about money or poverty..its knowing how to cook… how to do it..having that perception on your soul that there are lovely people behind you who will enjoy and cherish the taste on your dinner table.I am so lucky my husband found me for he is a good provider .I am grateful that I have children who truly appreciate my passion for cooking.At one point my son told me …”You know Mom.I certainly know that I am enjoying the food with quality and goodness that not a lot of people will ever experience..”
Here is my precious Banana Bread/Cake that melts in your mouth.When I was in college our school cafeteria sold Banana bread/cake in thin slices and I loved the smell.It was so refreshing and heartily delicious that it became a favorite.I learned later that it was homemade by one of our college professor.Later on,this woman professor has showed me her great kindness…I chose her to be my mentor while working on with my college thesis and that required a great amount of money.I havent got the amount that time so I could only pay her at least 1/3 of the amount.I neatly tucked the amount in an envelope with a thank you note and that was it.After graduation I went off and forgot the whole thing.But there was a time I remembered her and I told myself I am going to go and see her and perhaps say thank you again.She was an angel to me and yes the visit never happened.I was so busy with my life.Years gone by and I heard the news that she died from cancer.I was so heartbroken upon hearing the news and I regret the fact that I was not able to see her and say thank you.Anyway,whenever I make this cake,I always remember her and her goodness to me.This cake resembles friendship to speaks of wamth, generosity and kindness.
2/3 cup olive oil
4 large eggs
2 cups ripe mashed bananas 
1 tsp vanilla
2 cups flour
1 and 1/4 cup brown sugar
1 tsp salt
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp cinnamon powder
Pre heat oven to 325 f ( 160)
In a bowl sift together the ff: flour, brown sugar, salt,baking powder,baking soda and cinnamon.Set aside.
In another bowl,mix oil, eggs, mashed banana and vanilla using spatula.
Add the flour mixture to the egg mixture, combine well using spatula.
Grease and flour  2 pcs  9x5x3 inch pan  or 4 mini loaf pan  then transfer the banana mixture.
Bake at 325 f  ( 160) mini loaf pan for 45 minutes and for 2 large loaf pan bake for 1 hour.

note: a classmate from high school gave me her recipe for Banana Cake that melts in your mouth..I used her recipe but I made some changes the original recipe has 2  cups of sugar, I reduced it to 1 and 1/4 cup. original recipe uses any oil but I suggest use olive oil,original recipe has no vanilla essence, baking powder and cinnamon so I decided I might try add these ingredients and it works well.Just use spatula..mix and combine.

The element of surprise is a gift of pleasure…I will never forget the first time I bake this..there was no trial and seems to me that this bread is my perfect mate for all season.It just fits into my world.
Hmmmnn.. see that…lovely, plump and the smell is so sinfully delicious.


I cant wait any longer..and I have to make great big slices.Oh how wonderful!


Oooppppsss…I admit,Its me..I made a mouthful bite at once.I cant help it…I am a Banana bread/Cake fanatic… every slice of bread on our table is precious..its life and its happiness.This precious goodness has taught me that angels do exist.Let’s eat.Lets giggle and lets be merry.Have a great week to all.
….to be continued..thanks!
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